In any school setup, managing financial issues is never a cakewalk. However, after using our web school management software, you will meet the right solution. You will find configuring school fees for individual or group of students more manageable and customizable too. It becomes easier to segregate fees under various categories using the system.

From tuition fees to charges for using various school services can be calculated with ease. So, understanding of dues and late payments can be tracked easily. Everything is maintained in the cloud and manual calculation is not required. So, the scope of human error is minimized largely. Generation of several financial reports related to students and forwarding them to relevant parties is streamlined.

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In every educational institution, regardless of the size, managing the library operations becomes tedious. The magnitude grows with the growth of the school.From keeping track of books given to those due for submission and updating a catalogue with time it is not easy by any means. However, with our cutting edge web school management software all these woes vanish in no time! The web school system comes with a dedicated module for library operation management.

Its extensive database capabilities, financial calculation features help in streamlining library operations, no matter how large library you have. Everything is stored in the cloud and so using manual records or making errors is simply out of the question.


For any school management, having a timetable and means to adhere to it is absolutely important. With our advanced web school management software, creating, customizing and managing calendar for diverse activities related to the school operations becomes a breeze! The calendar module can be used to perform a variety of tasks including setting reminders for conducting various kinds of class tests and major exams.

Sharing various timetables with teachers and other staffs is also a smooth affair with calendar module. The module can be used to automate notifications about upcoming events. The recipients will be alerted by emails or even SMS and everything requires no human intervention once things are set.



Ourweb school management software is not only about columns, graphs and data! The gallery section is where you can post and publish the videos and picture albums of students and teaching staffs.

From the albums of a school picnic to the annual prize ceremony or school sports, image and slideshows can be posted easily. These contents can be shared with students with a few clicks. You can also add descriptions of each event to the albums and videos with ease.

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