Why Web School?

With so many online school management software available in the market, what makes Web School different? We know that many of you will ask the same question and we have answers to all your queries. Read on to understand why we are different from the rest. We are sure that by the time you finish reading and reach to the end of this page you would have made up your mind in installing this software.

Error free accounting features

Financial transactions and accounting are integral part of any school. In fact, in big schools with large numbers of students and teachers, managing accounts will be a tough job when done manually. A small error in the accounts and the calculation can create huge problems for the school. With Web School online school management software, accounting job becomes easy and most importantly error-free. The best thing is that Web School can be integrated with Tally, which is the most widely used accounting software in the country. Along with this software, there are hosts of other accounting tools too, which are integrated with the software. Complete accounting details and reminders can be checked via the .

Personalized dashboard as per individual needs

Software needs vary from one person to another in a school. For instance, the librarian might want to keep track of the books and the accountant might want only the accounts part to be prominent and highlighted. Web School understands these needs very well and so it is possible to personalize the dashboard in the way you want it to be. There is ‘Quick Links’ option in the software, which provides easy access to the tab you want to visit. And the dashboard can be accessed from your desktop, tab as well as smartphone as it is responsive in nature.

Excellent data security

Many companies offering school management software ignore the importance of data security. And this is where we are different from them. Web School comes with high-end data security so that there is no chance of data compromise from the system in any situation. We use the most advanced platform for building the software and integrate the best security features. All transactional data that passes through the software is 256-bit encrypted and is done through a secured ‘https’ connection. User logs are also generated so that there is track as who logged into the system at what time. Also, regular backups are taken automatically so that in case of a crash, all data is safe.

Easy to install and use

Web School online school management software is highly user-friendly in nature. Right from the process of installation to its usage, the software is simple and hassle-free. The interface of the software is done in the most complication-free manner and so anyone can use the same without any need of training, etc.However, in case you get stuck somewhere or looking for some help, you can contact our customer care support by calling on a toll-free number.