Angular JS, Why We Should Take Notice

Back then the web used to offer static pages for the users to view. HTML declared these static documents. However, today the scenario is different and the users can enjoy dynamic and interactive web applications . This has been made possible by Angular JS, a framework expanding the syntax of HTML. This allows the components of different apps to be expressed precisely and clearly.

Following are some of the Great Apps that can be built using Angular JS

  • Travel apps.
  • Video streaming applications.
  • User-review System.
  • Social Media Platforms.
  • Mobile Ecommerce apps.
  • E-commerce websites.

Advantages of using Angular JS

  • It has been built and is maintained by Google.
  • It is more comprehensive for front-end development.
  • Due to its great MVC, Angular JS saves developers a lot of time.
  • It rescues the developers from writing heaps of codes for initialization just to begin with.
  • Working with Angular JS, the developer does not need to manipulate the HTML DOM which is an error-prone and cumbersome process.
  • Easy data binding.
  • Fewer codes.
  • Time-saving approach for web development.
  • Understanding gets simpler because of the structured UI with Angular JS.

So, looking at the facts why Angular JS is so preferable, learning this structural framework is of at most important and exciting too.

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