Codeigniter vs PHP

Codeigniter is an open-source, easy to understand & use, yet a powerful PHP framework providing a robust framework solution for website development.

PHP stands for Hypertext Pre-processor. It can be used in combination with various web template systems, web content management system and web frameworks to develop a website. Though PHP is easy to code without a proper framework, developing a big scale project can be discouraging. Hence PHP developers are always looking for a suitable framework solution.

Codeigniter is specially built for PHP developers to make their work easier, faster and convenient. Still, one cannot underjudge the capacity of this marvellous tool just because it is an open source or easy to work with. It was released in the year 2009 and has been popular always because of its ease of use. Many business websites have been developed and beautifully working since then.

Let us understand why we should use Codeigniter framework in PHP.

Benefits of Codeigniter

  • Requires a small chunk of memory to reside.
  • Easy to understand and simple solutions.
  • Structure your application in pleasant standards.
  • Requires minimal configuration.
  • Great file organization.
  • Easy Template Solution.
  • Database integration.
  • Less code yet faster development.
  • Testing with the Development Phase.
  • Easy Error handling.
  • Superb Performance.
  • Robust Security.

Because of all the above pointers, cost-wise also it gives you a great solution within the budget. At IXLY Technologies, we have Codeigniter experts who would provide you a robust, secure and fast solution for your business website. We would also help you to update your existing or outdated applications. Feel free to discuss your requirement with us.

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