How to add Google Analytics to your website

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Google Analytics is the standard when it comes to web analytics tools. But many WordPress users grapple when it comes time to add Google Analytics to WordPress and start tracking their site. To help with that, we’re going to show you how to add Google Analytics to the Website using a few different methods.

1. Sign up for the Google analytics

Visit Google Analytics to sign up or sign in to Google Analytics with your Google username and password. Click on Create an account now if you do not have an account in Google analytics

  • Add your website information. If you are signing up for the first time, you will be needed to type in your account name for your website, website address, your country, and your time zone in addition to your contact information.
  • Accept the user agreement. You have to read and accept the user agreement for Google Analytics before you can complete creating an account for Google Analytics.

2. Access Your Tracking Code

This is the script you have to insert in your header.php file.

To add it, go to your wordpress admin Appearance → Editor and select the header.php file for your child theme.

Paste the Google Analytics Tracking Code right before the < /head > tag in the Editor:

Then, make sure to click Update File. Your Google Analytics tracking code is now active.

3. Decide what metrics you’re going to use, and how they’ll help you improve your website

Google Analytics has a great amount of information that it can provide to you about your website, and it’s challenging to know which information is useful and what to do with it.

Get helpful information by asking yourself the questions you want answers to about your visitors, what they do when they visit your site, and what could be improved on your website.

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