A Complete Understanding of google voice search and how to use it for the voice search Optimization?

“Ok Google, tell me what I can do tomorrow in Paris”
“Ok Google, where is the nearest gym”

I’m sure that a similar scenario has already occurred to you by asking Google or Siri to find the nearest supermarket or to show you the way to reach your office partner in New York.

Voice Search is the question we ask the search engines by speaking to it. These are the questions that we express orally instead of writing. Until recently, all searches were done by writing in the search engine box. but on your mobiles and tablets, you can use your voice by activating one of the voice assistants available in the device.

Moreover, with a smart speaker, you can search for your favorite music, check home appliances, order dinner, a pizza, or you can buy tickets for a concert. Voice assistants are now a fact and those required in SEO should know how fast the natural language searches are increasing.

What Is Google Voice Search And How Does It Work?

Google’s voice search uses a technology called Natural Language Processing(NLP). This technology includes the voice of the speaker and the process which deciphers the context and makes explicit meaning by answering. The answer or the result is not the results list (SERP). It is a clear answer chosen by Google itself.

The purpose of technology, based on natural language, is to interpret the speaker’s research intentions. Let’s say that a form of artificial intelligence also includes the history of previous research and the context in which it is made. The more vocal searches are performed, the more the system learns and the more the system responds in a relevant way. Apple Siri, Windows Cortana, and Amazon Alexa use a similar technology and it is wagered that they will do their best to achieve better results than their competitors.

Voice Search: a trend or a new habit?

Siri, Google, Cortana, Alexa – Voice search is not just a rising trend; it is an important investment that the major players in the sector are doing in a new and easy way to give access to the information on the internet.

If you think of the ease with which people have adopted voice messages on Whatsapp or voice search on Google Maps, it is natural to think about how to take advantage of it for your online appearance.

According to Google, 72% of those who own a device that activates with the voice claims to use it as part of the every day, and according to ComScore, by 2020, 50% of the searches will be vocal. Moreover, it is rumored that Google will soon create a separate section in Google Analytics to measure the performance of voice search for websites.

How To Optimize The Content Of Your Website For Voice Search?

According to new updates, the first organic search results on Google can get up to 35.35% of clicks.

In a voice search, the list view is decreased and the first positions in these cases play a fundamental role.

here are the five steps to start a strong Voice Engine Optimization (VEO) strategy:

1. Optimize Your Local Business Profiles

It is necessary to update your business listings with your name, address and phone details with all current information.

2. Accelerate Your website

The site speed is critical for voice search because users are on the move, so looking for quick results. Speed upgrading is a very essential factor for Google, as evident by the recent updates of its algorithms.

3. Focus On The Questions

People who use voice assistants, send requests if they were talking to a friend. Likewise, how they conduct a voice search is also different from that by keyboard.

In the voice searches, people do not say keywords. They ask questions.

To meet this type of user, you want to structure your content differently. It is advisable to use colloquial key phrases and write naturally, that is as close as possible to the speech made

Bottom Line:

To conclude, consider that: 42% of voice searches, according to Google, includes information about events and activities that are going to occur in near fate.

As the use of the smartphone is increasing, sooner or following the research done by voice will follow the typed search, partially or totally. It’s just a matter of time.

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