Top Content Management System

Top Content Management System

Web technologies have evolved a lot in the last decade. There are technologies for all the purpose. When it comes to CMS websites, WordPress tops the chart by powering 38% of the world websites i.e almost 800million websites use WordPress. We are leaving off the active once here. 

WordPress is for small business, news websites, blogging etc. WordPress is easy to use and meets most of the needs of any website. 

The second on the list is Shopify, it powers 3.2% of the websites in the world. Shopify is an ecommerce, pay and use CMS. When you want to get started with an ecommerce website faster, it has all the features in it. 

Other top technologies that powers the world website and its market share are.

Joomla 2.2%, 

Drupal 1.5%, 

Wix 1.5%, 

Squarespace 1.5%, 

Bitrix 1.0%, 

Blogger 1.0%, 

Magento 0.7%, 

Opencart 0.6%

Source: w3techs, Search Engine Journal. 

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