Want to own the Best eCommerce site and be at the Top? Find out what it takes

Want to own the Best eCommerce site and be at the Top? Find out what it takes

Top Best Ecommerce-Features:

1. unique eCommerce Design
2. User-friendly navigation
3. Wishlist
4. Customer login
5. Language options
6. Shopping cart
 7.Search bar
8. Highlighted UVP( unique value propositions)
9. Live Chat
10. show a list of best selling products
11. Free Shipping Opportunities
12.Breadcrumb navigation
13. Easy Returns
14. Fast loading
15. Consumer reviews on products

Want to own the Best eCommerce site and be at the Top? Find out what it takes.

Do you know what goes into making an eCommerce site successful? It’s all in the features. Best and Top e-commerce sites follow a set of features that makes them great and stand apart in ease of use and functionality. Here is a guide to the best practices to follow for a successful eCommerce site.

Design or the layout of the eCommerce site should be unique in such a way it is pleasant, fast loading, secure and clutter-less. A 3 to 5 seconds decision-making layout impression is ideal to retain the user to continue browsing for what they intended for. A right color combination, apt positioning of banners, and prominently displayed category listings on the top or on the left side of the screen are additional details for the best eCommerce site design. As much as the home page layouts attraction, ease of navigation is an important feature which basically takes the users thru their shopping for specific products and subsequent purchase. Key elements of smooth navigation are on-site search bars, product categories, sorting, relevant filters, headers, and footers. Breadcrumb navigation enables users to trace their path and see where they are on your site and be aware of their location.

Best Ecommerce site

The top menu bar consisting of login, wish list, shopping cart, on-site search, and language options are standardized layouts followed by major and popular e-commerce sites. A must-have feature on the Home page is live chat which is a major client interaction module to engage customers on their queries and clarifications on products, offers, issues, etc.  Highlighted Unique Value Proposition (HUVP) at the top enables you to explain why your products or services are better than others and what value you add vis a vis competitor and helps in establishing your credibility and reliability to prospective buyers.


Whether B2B or B2C eCommerce site, a listing of best-selling products on the search landing page arises user curiosity to check out the product and initiates impulsive buying though the original intent might be for some other brand. Ensuring a comprehensive listing of related products in the category gives the users a feel of getting more options on your site and hence makes them check out your site among their top choices to browse or shop an item. Periodic updates about new products, fresh arrivals, attractive discounts are key to attract shoppers to keep visiting again and again. Best practice includes providing high-resolution images, move over enlargements, size, a demo video in case of appliances, color choices, available sizes, detailed descriptions, technical specifications, comparable products of different brands with specs and prices gives users much stickiness and lead to instant purchase decision rather than postpone.


Once a product is purchased the buyer would like to see and feel it immediately just like buying in a store offline. Hence a same-day delivery or shorter delivery time makes a huge impression on the efficiency of the seller. Likewise, return and replacement policies are a must and hassle-free. You have to believe the buyer. Once a buyer is scorned it is as good as they will never come back at least for a period of time. Free shipping is a huge attraction for any shopper and to be offered wherever possible and can be linked to loyalties, subscriptions, and promotions. Last but not the least, user reviews are mandatory and the second thing buyers look for after product details. Good or bad reviews have to be displayed and addressed for all to see and to prove your integrity and trustworthiness.

Approach your eCommerce site as a customer. You will never fail.

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