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Every E-Tailers objective is to have an online store which is comprehensive, impressive, easy to navigate, effortless carting and painless checkout. With the power of Magento you can achieve this and much more.

With the fast adaptation of online shopping world over, there was also the mushrooming of many ecommerce platforms to enable businesses set up their shop online. Out of this cluster Magento stands out as a leader. As an e-seller the advantages of powering your e-shop using Magento are innumerable.

Magento is packed with a wide range of features which makes the websites powerful and at the same time easy to navigate. Ready to use web interface with customizations allows designing your website for specific products and servies. Responsive design enables viewing on any screen size viz., mobiles, tabs and laptops, seamlessly. With built-in SEO friendly features, it allows owners to easily create URL’s and Meta options to appear on popular search engines.

Using Magento enables faster loading of website which is vital to any online experience. Some of the most important features of an ecommerce site i.e., hosting with any provider, multiple stores management with single admin backend, multiple language and currency for larger global foot print, various third party integration viz. ebay, google shopping, paypal, mailchimp, etc, are powered by Magento, which is not available with other platforms as a comprehensive integrated suite.

Once a product is added to cart, Magento enables faster checkouts thereby reduces cart ditching. It allows smoother integration with Google services for analytics of your website performance and helps periodic assessments and changes. With the marketing tools, store owners can create loyal customer catalogues, coupons, push marketing with sms and email, all under one roof. With powerful reporting businesses can quickly manage stocks, discounts, campaigns, strategies to counter competition and be one step ahead of the game.

With a huge three hundred thousand plus developer community releasing regular patches for security and feature updates, Magento is one powerful platform every E-tailer should consider for a pleasant, engaging and profitable online business.

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