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What is Presta Shop?

This PHP based software is another one in the market that has most certainly left a long lasting impression in the minds of people. Originating from osCommerce, in many ways it has become a worthy contender of it and while its opponents have their pros, the Zen Cart cannot be ignored for its ease of use and stability. Created to serve as an ecommerce website developer, since 2003, this software has proven to be one of the best things that could have happened to people and the fact that this software has been made with some aesthetic changes as compared to its former part osCommerce, just shows that it can have an edge over it competitors.

Zen Cart software is used by IXLY Technologiesfor a lot of reasons.

  • It offers an easy installation, enriched with features and happens to be a good product management system.
  • Another feature of Zen Cart which is very much needed is the feature of it being highly easy to use and highly flexible. This makes work on Zen Cart highly simple.
  • Just like any other, this is also well equipped to provide you with varied options of customizability, which means that the client’s demands and the user’s needs both can be met easily.

Our team of expert professionals has been trained in operating over Zen Cart for years and work with only the goal of a 100% customer satisfaction so choosing IXLY Technologiesfor Zen Cart is something that would prove fruitful for ay concerned organization.



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